Paul Schuh with Spindle 45

Hello world. And here we go! Spindle 45 is Off the Record!

This is the new Spindle 45 website where will will post stuff about stuff happening and upcoming gigs and so forth. As we roll into 2022, we have some great plans ahead. If you don’t see what you are looking for, want us to add something to the website, or have some other question, please click on the Contact Us link and send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

Other places you can check out Spindle 45 are on any of the social media sites linked at the top of the page. Right now, most of our online content is on this site, Facebook, and YouTube. If you go to one of those pages; definitely give us a ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Follow’! Every little bit helps us out! 

A little bit about Spindle 45. The band formed in late 2018 when a groups of folks got together from an online ad.  Since then, we have had the pleasure to perform at some of the best places in North Carolina along with some of the finest musicians in this state. (Which is also a testament to the local music community around Winston-Salem — I don’t think I have ever seen a more supportive group of musicians.)

I’m Paul, I play bass in the band and coordinate most of the behind the scenes stuff like the website you see here. I am writing this article late on a Thursday evening after one of our rehearsals. We have a gig coming up at Village Square Tap House in Clemmons, NC this weekend. You can get more information about it on our events page or directly from the event page here

Will write more about the band later, until then – keep your records spinning!